Selected Publications

van der Straaten, K., Narula, R. & Giuliani, E. (2023) The multinational enterprise, development, and the inequality of opportunities: A research agendaJournal of International Business Studies.

Giuliani, E., Nieri, F., & Vezzulli, A. (2023). Big Profits, Big Harm? Exploring the Link Between Firm Financial Performance and Human Rights Misbehavior. Business & Society, 0(0).

Corciolani M., Giuliani E., Humphreys A., Nieri F., Tuan A., Zajac E.J. (2022) Lost and Found in Translation: How Firms Use Anisomorphism to Manage the Institutional Complexity of CSR, Journal of Management Studies
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Balland P.A., Broekel T., Diodato D., Giuliani E., Hausmann R., O’Clery N., Rigby D. (2022) The New Paradigm of Economic Complexity, Research Policy, 51 (3), 104450.

Biggi G., Giuliani E., Martinelli A., Benfenati E. (2022) Patent Toxicity, Research Policy, 51 (1), 104329.  

Giuliani E., Jaqueminet A., Nieri F. (2021) Bringing Light to Dark Spots: The Case of Cross-border Bioprospecting, in Castellani D., Perri A., Scalera V., Zanfei A. (eds.), Cross-Border Innovation in a Changing World, Oxford University Press, pp. 324-345.

Giuliani E., Tuan A. & Calvimontes J. (2020) Creating Shared Values meets human rights? A sense-making perspective in small-scale firms, Journal of Business Ethics, 173, 489–505.

Wettstein F., Giuliani E., Santangelo G., Stahl G. (2019) International Business and Human Rights: A research agenda, Journal of World Business, 54 (1): 54-65.

Giuliani E., Balland P.A. & Matta A. (2019) Straining but not thriving: Understanding network dynamics in underperforming industrial clusters, Journal of Economic Geography, 19 (1): 147-172.

Amendolagine V., Giuliani E., Martinelli A. & Rabellotti R. (2018) Chinese and Indian MNEs’ shopping sprees in advanced countries. How good is it for their innovation output? Journal of Economic Geography, 18 (5): 1149–1176.
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